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Items We Love

Are you looking for something special? We present to you several lines of the LA’AL Textiles-2021 collection. Exclusive home and interior textiles, handmade eco-carpets, ladies’ accessories made of genuine leather and Tajik national fabrics atlas and adras, exquisite silver jewelry and original souvenirs will give you an incomparable feeling of exclusivity.

Jewelry Handmade Collection

Modern jewelers, carefully preserving their ancient traditions, decided to combine Tajik national fabrics, traditional embroidery and gems in a new line of silver jewelry under the LA’AL Textiles brand, which has become a vivid embodiment of a good taste and cultural identity of Tajiks.

Souvenirs Handmade Collection

The carpet has always been considered a symbol of oriental hospitality, so the
collection of mini-looms was specially created for those who want to preserve the
memory of the hospitable Tajik land in a symbolic gift.

Discover Our Eco-Products

All the LA’AL Textiles collections are created on eco-friendly principle as a sign of love and respect for the environment and our customers. Natural colors and natural materials – our concern for those who are dear to you.