The UNIDO project aims to improve and increase the productivity and competitiveness of Tajik enterprises working in the field of carpet weaving, embroidery and textiles.  Within the framework of the Project, the export brand “La’al Textiles” was developed, under which the combined collection of companies of the project beneficiaries is produced. The products consist mainly of tablecloths, tablecloths, napkins, decorative napkins for plates, tracks on the bed, pillowcases, bags, cosmetic bags, tablet cases, computer cases, etc. In addition to home textiles with embroidery and adras, the project beneficiaries presented a new exclusive collection of hand-made and machine-made carpets with a new Tajik design, the production of which took into account current trends in interior design.

The most important asset of Tajikistan, in my opinion, is its human resources with young and powerful creative energy in their desire to develop and strengthen the country’s economy. We, as a project aimed at modernizing the light industry sectors, are well aware of the objective need to strengthen human capacity, since at the heart of any development is, first of all, people. Therefore, we will continue to create new opportunities for work, career growth and development of sustainable business in the textile sector of the republic.

Sarvinoz Junaydova

Our team